TT Races

The “greatest road racing event in the world”. Up to 50,000 visitors come to see motorcyclists challenge the 37.75 mile course around the north of the island (and about 30,000 islanders leave to escape the disruption!). Held over two weeks, the first is “practice week” and the second “race week”.

Calculating the dates – the middle Sunday is typically the first Sunday in June but the dates aren’t officially confirmed until the Autumn before the event.

Location: we are about 20 minutes’ drive south of the race course. Booking: we are typically booked out 2-3 years in advance. We do charge a premium for bookings during TT, but divided by 10-14 guests our prices are a bargain compared to hotels on the island. The minimum booking during TT is 7 days.

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Manx Grand Prix

Classic and vintage motorcycles compete for 9 days on the TT course. The 9 days typically span the end of August and the start of September.

We do not charge a premium for Grand Prix bookings. They are treated as normal summer (August) and low season (September) stays. The minimum booking during Grand Prix is 7 days (August) or 3 days (September).

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Southern 100

The Southern 100 is held every July on the Billown Circuit. It lasts for three days.
Location: we are less than 5 minutes’ drive from the circuit. Booking: we do not charge any premium; normal July booking rules apply – minimum 7 days.

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Manx Rally

The Manx National Rally (cars) is held in May, on several stages over 138 miles. It lasts for two days.

Location: the stages are at various points around the island: our only access road is one of the circuit roads and is closed for part of the event. You can watch part of the rally from our gateway! Booking: we do not charge any premium, normal low season rules apply – minimum 3 days.

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