WhatsApp May Soon Get a New Font

WhatsApp is testing the use of another textual style in its beta clients for Android and iOS. It is dubious when the text style, called “FixedSys” by users for its likeness to Microsoft’s textual style of the same name, will take off to the stable clients for Android and iOS.

The eventual fate of the application is relied upon to stay in the versatile space instead of fanning to the desktop. Koum said that “We feel strongly that the world is moving to versatile and [so] we need to be portable as it was.”

WhatsApp hasn’t set a correct date for the change, yet organization CEO Jan Koum was cited as saying “…definitely this year. It’s on the guide.” Download WhatsApp for PC Windows 8.1 is a tremendously mainstream messaging application, transmitting 17 billion messages day by day.

Users of WhatsApp v2.16.179 beta for Android, which is accessible by means of Google Play’s beta program, are seeing the new textual style, as are users of the iOS beta apparently.

All users need to do to use the new monospaced Fixedsys text style, which is thought to help send snippets of code all the more easily, is sort the grave complement (`) symbol thrice previously, then after the fact the word or phrase. The content previews into the new text style before users send it, and can’t be joined with other organizing options like intense and italics.

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Previous features released in beta that has not yet made it to stable releases incorporate mentions and gathering welcome links, as well as enhanced music sharing and bigger emojis.

WhatsApp in June got an element that enabled users to cite messages while answering. The user needs to long press a message in any conversation to see an answer choice fly up alongside star, erase, forward, and duplicate.

Facebook-claimed WhatsApp has been including new features steadily, and the most foreseen are video calling, which was as of late spotted in testing on the Android beta application. To review, the last significant refresh to the stage was in Ma – the expansion of record sharing on WhatsApp Web. Shortly before that, the organization revealed its first desktop application for Windows and OS X.