Meat Sales

We are a registered food producer on the Isle of Man and proud to offer a range of grass-fed, high quality rare breed meats at various points in the year. If you want to sample our meats we recommend you dine at one of the fine island restaurants who feature our produce; The Forge in Santon (just outside Douglas, 01624-610031) or Leonardo’s in Castletown (01624-827635).

To check current availability and place orders for home or restaurant use, please email or call us 07624-497333.

Here is a description of how we sell our meat, along with current prices.

Pork from our pedigree Large Black pigs is available year-round frozen, and by arrangement fresh. Sold as follows:

Product Price (GBP)
Whole suckling pig (approx. 35 kilo) for roasting 150.00
Whole carcass (no head) approx. 70 kilo 199.00
Shoulder, Leg or Loin 45.00
Belly (ribs in) 30.00

Beef is delivered fresh, vacuum packed and identified. Pre-orders are essential as our beef sells out very quickly. After hanging to enhance flavour, we butcher ourselves and sell meat from three breeds: Highland (lower cholesterol), Shorthorn and White Park. We are the only source of the latter two on the Isle of Man; the dining experience is rare indeed, anywhere in the world.

We sell beef only as a “package” at a fixed price of 100 pounds, allowing you to sample several different joints from the same animal. A typical package contains the following, although weights will vary slightly as we are unable to predict precisely what each animal will yield.

Fillet 1 lb
New York Striploin 2 lb
Full Rib 1.5+ lb
Rump Steak 1.5+ lb
Topside Roast 3+ lb
Brisket 1 lb
Silverside 2+ lb
Knuckle (Sirloin tip) 1+ lb
Hind leg 1+ lb
Shin 1+ lb
Mince 10 lb

From time to time extra mince is available at £2.50 per pound, minimum order 10 lb.

We supply lamb as whole carcasses or butchered into chops/joints. There is plentiful supply of the iconic Manx Loughtan throughout the year; additionally there are occasional chances to enjoy the truly exotic meat of our other 10 breeds. The table below shows our prices; when ordering please specify “fresh” or “frozen”. For a description of each breed click here.

Product Price (GBP)
Whole Loaghtan carcass 115.00
Butchered Loaghtan (2 shoulders, 2 legs, 6 leg chops, neck, 2 breasts, approx. 20 chops) 125.00
Whole “small primitive” carcass (Boreray, Hebridean, North Ronaldsay, Soay) 100.00
Butchered “small primitive” carcass 110.00
Whole “large” breed (Hill Radnor, Oxford Down, Norfolk Horn, Portland, Teeswater) 115.00
Butchered “large” breed 130.00

Very occasionally we have meat from older sheep available. Mutton has gained massively in popularity of late and careful cooking produces wonderful eating experiences. On these rare occasions we recommend taking only butchered products – regardless of breed a whole sheep is always sold at £112.50.