By Larry J. Feinberg

Leonardo da Vinci is usually provided because the "Transcendent Genius," faraway from or prior to his time. This booklet, notwithstanding, makes an attempt to appreciate him within the context of Renaissance Florence. Larry J. Feinberg explores Leonardo's origins and the start of his profession as an artist. whereas celebrating his many creative achievements, the publication illuminates his debt to different artists' works and his struggles to achieve and continue patronage, in addition to his profession and private problems. Feinberg examines the diversity of Leonardo's pursuits, together with aerodynamics, anatomy, astronomy, botany, geology, hydraulics, optics, and war know-how, to elucidate how the artist's wide highbrow interest expert his paintings. Situating the artist in the political, social, cultural, and creative context of mid- and late-fifteenth-century Florence, Feinberg indicates how this atmosphere stimulated Leonardo's creative output and laid the foundation for the achievements of his mature works.

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