During this ebook, Conrad Rudolph reviews and reconstructs Hugh of St. Victor's forty-two-page written paintings, The Mystic Ark, which describes the medieval portray of a similar identify. In medieval written resources, artistic endeavors aren't frequently observed, not to mention defined in any aspect. nearly thoroughly overlooked via paintings historians as a result great hassle of its textual content, Hugh of Saint Victor's Mystic Ark (c. 1125-1130) is one of the most original resources now we have for an figuring out of medieval creative tradition. Depicting all time, all house, all subject, all human historical past, and all religious striving, this hugely polemical portray bargains with a chain of cultural concerns the most important within the schooling of society's elite in the course of one of many nice sessions of highbrow switch in Western background.

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The Mystic Ark, aspect. The twelve Patriarchs.  20. The Mystic Ark, aspect. The principal pillar, the River Jordan, and the twelve Apostles.  21. The Mystic Ark, diagram. platforms of periodization (see colour Fig. 7).  22. The Mystic Ark, diagram. The peoples of the Jews and the Gentiles, the valuable cubit/city of the nice king, and the group of the trustworthy less than one head, Christ.  web page 2 four five 6 7 eight nine 10 eleven 12 thirteen 14 14 15 sixteen 17 17 18 18 19 19 20 ix x Figures 23. The Mystic Ark, element. The ascent of the warmth of the east.  24. The Mystic Ark, aspect. The ascent of the chilly of the east.  25. three-d reconstruction of The Mystic Ark with the roof lower away to teach the relation of the critical pillar (topped via the principal cubit) to the 3rd degree.  26. The Mystic Ark, aspect. The north door of the important pillar.  27. The Mystic Ark, element. The south door of the valuable pillar.  28. The Mystic Ark, aspect. The 3rd ladder of the ascent of the warmth of the west.  29. The Mystic Ark, diagram. The Flood, the serpent, and the sixty males and sixty ladies.  30. The Mystic Ark, diagram. The 4 ascents, with ascent/descent styles.  31. The Mystic Ark, diagram. major ascent and ladder inscriptions.  32. The Mystic Ark, element. The ascent of the warmth of the west.  33. The Mystic Ark, aspect. The ascent of the chilly of the west.  34. The Mystic Ark, diagram. The inscriptions of the extra 3 triads of the ascent of the warmth of the east.  35. The Mystic Ark, diagram. format of the approach of colour segments of the 4 ascents.  36. Hugh instructing the brethren. Miniature of 1190–1200. Oxford, Bodleian Library, ms Laud misc. 409:3v.  37. Hugh carrying out the Mystic Ark lectures.  38. The Mystic Ark, revealed and exhibited at complete scale on the nationwide Gallery in Washington in the course of the iciness of 2008–2009.  39. The Mystic Ark, diagram. Quaternary concord.  forty. third-dimensional reconstruction of the five-stage Ark of the Flood as conceived of by means of Origen.  forty-one. three-d reconstruction of the three-stage Ark of the Flood as conceived of through Augustine.  forty two. three-d reconstruction of the five-stage kind of the Ark of the Flood in keeping with Hugh of Saint Victor’s critique of Origen as defined within the textual content of the ethical Ark.  forty three. The Ark of the Flood. Rome, Catacomb of Saints Pietro and Marcellino, cubiculum no. sixty seven.  forty four. The Ark of the Flood. Christian necropolis, el-Bagawât, Egypt.  forty five. The Ark of the Flood. Vienna Genesis. Vienna, Osterreichische Nationalbibliothek, ms cod. theol. gr. 31:2v.  forty six. The Ark of the Flood. Ripoll Bible. Vatican, Biblioteca Apostolica, ms lat. 5729:6.  forty seven. The Ark of the Flood. Girona Beatus. Girona, Museu de l. a. Catedral, ms Num. Inv. 7(11):102v-103.  forty eight. The Ark of the Flood. Caedmon Genesis. Oxford, Bodleian Library, ms Junius II, p. sixty six.  forty nine. The Ark of the Flood. Halberstadt Bible.  50. preliminary to Genesis. Pontigny Bible. Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, ms lat. 8823:1.  21 22 23 23 24 24 25 26 28 29 30 30 31 32 33 34 fifty five sixty nine seventy one seventy three seventy seven seventy eight eighty eighty one eighty one eighty two eighty three 114 xi Figures fifty one.

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