By Trevor Yorke

So much of England's kingdom homes are choked with masterpieces of paintings and antiques. in addition they have gigantic landscaped gardens, frequently with lakes and fountains. contemporary tv sequence and flicks (such as Downton Abbey and Gosford Park) have spurred at the public's curiosity in those grand and glamorous homes which mirror all of the splendour of England's glory years. utilizing unique color drawings, diagrams and pictures, Trevor Yorke takes the reader on a cautious travel of the rustic condominium and describes its positive aspects, external and inside, upstairs and downstairs. He seems to be on the diversified classes of huge nation homes from the mid 1500s as much as 1914, explaining the altering architectural kinds and the tastes of these who had them outfitted. He describes the rooms in the major condominium and their position over the centuries. there's a word list of architectural phrases and a short reference time chart, directory kingdom condo architects and the awesome structures they designed, with drawings of the interval info that support thus far the homes.

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Oculus: A round establishing, usually on a dome or mansard roof. oratory: A small inner most chapel. orders: the several varieties of the column and entablature jointly from Classical structure. oriel window: a wide projecting window. parapet: A low wall working alongside the sting of the roof above the most wall or alongside the pinnacle of a hipped roof on 17th-century, Dutch-style homes. pediment: A low pitched triangular characteristic, supported via columns at the best of a portico or Classical doorway. piano nobile: the ground on which the crucial rooms are contained, often above a raised basement or floor ground. pilaster: an oblong column projecting a little bit from the wall, with an analogous remedy on the best and backside as a free-standing column. portico: A porch with a flat entablature or triangular pediment supported on columns. plinth: The projecting base of a wall or the block on which a column stands. quoins: Dressed stones on the nook of constructions. rotunda: A round construction with a dome on most sensible. rustication: The slicing of masonry into blocks separated via deep traces and infrequently with a coarse hewn end. frequently used to differentiate the basement of Palladian homes. sash: A window which slides vertically (a Yorkshire sash slides horizontally). shaft: the most cylindrical a part of a column. sill: The horizontal beam on the backside of a window, door or timber-framed wall. sunlight: An higher chickening out room in the back of the lord’s finish of a medieval corridor. stucco: A sturdy tender plaster coating utilized to the surface of homes frequently over brick in lieu of stone. It was once rather renowned within the Regency interval. tracery: The ribs on the best of a stone window that are shaped into styles (usually on church buildings, chapels, and medieval halls). transom: The horizontal bars of a window. tympanum: The flat triangular area inside of a pediment. vault: An arched ceiling shaped from brick or stone, and occasionally imitated in plaster and wooden. Venetian home windows: A window in 3 vertical sections, the centre one being taller and arched. voissoir: A wedge-shaped stone which types an arch. INDEX Adam, Robert 37, forty three, forty nine, sixty six, sixty seven, sixty eight, seventy two, seventy eight, eighty one, 118, 122 Arts and Crafts fifty five, fifty six, fifty seven, fifty eight, 60, sixty six, sixty nine, seventy one, seventy two, seventy four, seventy five, seventy seven, one hundred fifteen, 116, 119, one hundred twenty Baddesley Clinton, Warwicks 86, a hundred and fifteen Baroque 26–27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 34, 35, 36, 37, fifty five, sixty four, sixty six, seventy three, eighty, eighty one, eighty three, one hundred fifteen, 116 bedrooms/chambers 29, forty, fifty eight, eighty one, 82–83 Belton condo, Lincs 24, a hundred and fifteen Biddulph Grange, Staffs fifty nine, 104, 106, one hundred fifteen billiards room fifty seven, fifty eight, sixty four, seventy five, eighty five Blackwell, Windermere seventy two, seventy five, one hundred fifteen, 116 Blenheim Palace, Oxon 27, 30, a hundred and fifteen Blickling corridor, Norfolk 19, 21, one hundred fifteen brewhouse eleven, 88, 95–96, one hundred ten Broadleys, Windermere 60 Brodsworth corridor, South Yorks fifty four, a hundred and fifteen Buckingham Palace, London forty six, 116 Bulstrode Park, dollars fifty two Burghley residence, Lincs sixteen, 21, 116 Burton Agnes corridor, East Yorks 113, 116, 117 Calke Abbey, Derbys eighty, 116 Campbell, Colen 35, 37 Campden residence, Chipping Campden seventy nine potential Brown, Lancelot 102, 116, 118 Capesthorne corridor, Cheshire forty five, 116 citadel Drogo, Devon sixty two, 116 fort Howard, Yorks 27, 116 ceilings 67–69, seventy seven, seventy eight, seventy nine chapel/church eleven, 86, 110–111, a hundred and twenty Chatsworth apartment, Derbys 27, 28, 117 chimneys thirteen, sixteen, 21, 25, 26, 31, 35, forty nine, fifty one, 60, sixty seven, 70–71 Chiswick condominium, London 35, 37, forty, 117 Compton Wynyates, Warwicks 12 conservatories fifty eight, sixty one, one zero five Cragside, Northumberland fifty six, 117 Cronkill, Salop 50, 117 dairy 87, 88, 94–95 Deanery Gardens, Sonning 60 deer park 108–109, 117 eating rooms 29, 39, fifty eight, 79–80, eighty two, 88, 89 doors/doorways 10, 12, 22, 30, seventy two drawing/withdrawing rooms 29, 39, fifty eight, sixty four, 81–82, eighty five Dunham Massey, Cheshire 108, 117 farms, domestic 109–110 fireplaces thirteen, 21, sixty four, 70–72, seventy seven, eighty three, 89, ninety one flooring 69–70 follies 105–106 furnishings seventy nine, eighty, eighty two, eighty three, eighty five, 87, 89, ninety nine garderobe eight, eighty four, 86 gardens 23, 100–105, 119, a hundred and twenty gatehouse eight, nine, eleven, 14, 23, a hundred, 112–113, 119 Gibbons, Grinling sixty six, 122 Gothick/Gothic Revival forty seven, forty eight, forty nine, 52–53, fifty nine, 60, sixty four, sixty six, 70, 119, one hundred twenty nice chambers 20, 29, 78–79, eighty one, eighty three green/glasshouse fifty eight, a hundred and one, 104 Haddon corridor, Derbys eighty five, 117 corridor nine, 10, eleven, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 28, 29, 30, 39, forty, fifty eight, sixty five, seventy three, seventy four, seventy five, 76–77, eighty, eighty one, ninety seven, one hundred ten, 116, 119 Hampton court docket, Surrey eleven, 114, 117 Hardwick corridor, Derbys 15, 19, 22, seventy seven, 118 Hatfield apartment, Herts 20, 118 Heathcote, Yorks fifty seven Highclere fort, Hants forty seven, 106, 118 Holkham corridor, Norfolk 36, 118 hunting/shooting forty six, 108–109 ice condo 111–112 Italiante forty nine, 50, fifty four, fifty nine, a hundred and fifteen, 117 Jones, Inigo 18, 26, 35, 36, 122 Kedleston corridor, Derbys 36, 37, seventy eight, 118 kitchen eleven, 14, 19, 20, 23, 28, 29, forty, fifty eight, eighty, 87, 88, 89–93, ninety six, 119 Lambeth Palace, London a hundred larder/pantry 20, 29, 88, 97–98 library 39, eighty five Little Moreton corridor, Cheshire eight, eighty four, 118 lengthy gallery 19, 20, 84–85, a hundred and fifteen, 117, 119 Longleat apartment, Wilts 19, 118 Lowther citadel, Cumbria 50, 118 Lutyens, Sir Edwin fifty seven, 60, 116, 122 Lyme Park, Cheshire 22, 33, 118 manor/manor apartment nine, 14, 107–108 Mereworth citadel, Kent forty morning/breakfast room fifty seven, fifty eight, seventy nine Nash, John forty six, 50, fifty one, 116, 117, 119, 122 Neo Classical 37, 38, forty four, fifty one, fifty two, sixty four, sixty eight, seventy one, 119, a hundred and twenty Nether Winchendon residence, dollars forty eight, 118 Nuneham Courtney, Oxon 103 palladian/Palladio 26, 35, 37, 38, forty, forty two, forty eight, 50, fifty seven, sixty six, sixty eight, eighty, ninety, 117, 118 parlour 20, 29, seventy five, eighty one Powis citadel, Powys a hundred and one, 119 Pugin, A.

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