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A dictionary and a word list of phrases plus short biographies of eminent Buddhists and students from either East and West.

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V. ); these kind of phrases suggest flower ornament, or garland. Many chinese language students regard it because the maximum improvement of Bst. philosophy in China. This huge, immense paintings of M. Bsm. hasn't ever been translated in complete. For partial trans. see Vol. I The japanese Buddhist. (See Jijimuge, Kegon. ) Avatāra (Sk. ) A Manifestation or incarnation of the Hindu God Vishnu. The Buddha is looked through many Indians as his 9th and most up-to-date Avatar, therefore retaining the main well-known of all Indian academics in the Hindu pantheon. (See Kalki Avatāra. ) Avīcī (Sk. ) ‘No waves. ’ Stagnation, hence dying. the bottom of the Bst. hells. Or ‘no intermission’, of ache. Avijjā (P. ) Avidyā (Sk. ) Lit. unwitting. for this reason lack of knowledge; loss of enlightenment. the basic root of evil, and the final word reason for the will which creates the dukkha of life. it's the nearest method of ‘original sin’ identified to Bsm. Its overall removing, leading to ideal enlightenment, is aim of Buddhist direction. lack of expertise is first of the Twelve Nidānas or hyperlinks within the Chain of Causation; first since it is the first reason for lifestyles. it's the final of the 10 Fetters, final simply because till complete enlightenment is attained there nonetheless is still a point of lack of expertise. the ultimate removing of the veil of lack of knowledge unearths very best Truth—Nirvāna, (See Moha, Sin. ) A renowned dictionary of buddhism 21 Awakening of religion, The (Sk. Shraddhotpāda Shāstra. Chin. Ch’i-hsin-lun). Sk. unique misplaced. trans. from chinese language are The Awakening of religion, Suzuki (1900) and The Awakening of religion, Timothy Richard (1907). a piece of the Yogācāra (q. v. ) college. essentially the most well-known Bst. Scriptures. Now held to be a chinese language paintings of 5th century A. D. Āyatana (P. ) Spheres. Used psychologically. The twelve bases or assets of psychological methods. Six are the 5 experience organs and brain; the opposite six are the corresponding experience items, conceptions or concepts being items of brain. (See Indriya. ) Ayodhya very important urban within the country of the Kosalas in north-east India throughout the time of the Buddha. to not be harassed with Ayuthia, both vital urban in north of Thailand. Ayudhyā (Ayuthiā) (Siam. ) The Thai Bst. capital after Sukhodaya (q. v. ) till sacked via the Burmese in 1767. The Bst. university of sculpture that of Sukhodaya. basically outstanding swap in head-dress. See Le may possibly, The Buddhist paintings of Siam (1938). Distinguish from Ayodhya in India. a well-liked dictionary of buddhism 22 Bala (P. ) Powers. specifically, 5 of the twenty-two Indriya (q. v. ). they're religion (Saddhā), strength (Viriya), Mindfulness (Sati), Contemplation (Samādhi) and knowledge (Paññā. In Sk. Prajñā). For the 10 Bala of the Bodhisattva see Suzuki, reviews within the Lankavatara Sutra, p. 425 (1930). Bamboo Grove well-known position of retreat close to Rajagriha given the Buddha by means of King Bimbisara of Magadha. (See Retreat. ) Bāmiyān Ruins of Bst. monastery in Afghanistan. huge diversity of Bst. meeting halls carved from face of sandstone cliff, yet recognized for 2 huge, immense photographs of Buddha as Lord of the realm, one one hundred twenty toes excessive and one a hundred seventy five ft.

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